Capture 324x160 1 - Zuckerberg’s “meta universe” was fruitless, drawing a pie while circling money

Zuckerberg’s “meta universe” was fruitless, drawing a pie while circling money 

 November 15, 2021


“Meta Universe”, this new trend that was rejected by Apple CEO and ridiculed by Twitter CEO, why is Zuckerberg loyal to it?

Unshared News said : The term “Metaverse” comes from a science fiction novel called “Avalanche”, which describes an online world parallel to the real world, where people interact in three-dimensional space with virtual images.

Zuckerberg sees the “meta universe” as the future social platform and the successor of the mobile Internet. In order to alleviate the dilemma of the continuous decline in Facebook’s active users, Zuckerberg tried his best to get rid of the social company label, reduced the power of the core business Facebook, and officially renamed the parent company “Meta”.

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On October 28, Zuckerberg publicly announced: “From now on, we will be first in Metaverse, not Facebook first… In the future, we hope to be regarded as a Metaverse company.”

However, apart from talking on paper, the construction of the “meta universe” is still full of difficulties, and even no actual progress can be found. This can’t help but make people question that the “meta universe” is just a concept that Zuckerberg took the lead in the hype, and a group of Internet companies that followed suit.

At the Facebook Connect 2021 conference, Zuckerberg used 8 words to focus on describing his ideal “meta universe”:

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Presence, Avatars, Home space, Technology & Teleporting, Interoperability, Privacy and safety, Virtual goods, Natural interaction interfaces).

In Zuckerberg’s “meta universe”, everyone has their own avatar. You can build your own private space as you like. It can be an ancient castle, a bustling commercial center, an isolated island overseas, and the Milky Way. Spaceship on board;

Here, the mountains and the sea are no longer a distance. With a single tap, you can teleporting face-to-face with friends and enjoy the game together. Whether it is chess or table tennis, you can have an immersive sense of operation. ;

The noisy and prosperous metropolis has also become a virtual world scene. Everyone lies in bed and uses virtual characters to go shopping and shopping in the “meta universe”. This is also the embryonic form of e-commerce 2.0;

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No matter where you are, you can go to work in the company by wearing a VR device, eliminating the lengthy commuting time; you can also have virtual meetings with colleagues in various countries and regions, saving company costs and enjoying an immersive office experience.

Zuckerberg’s sci-fi description of the “meta universe” is very beautiful, but it requires a series of hardware as the stepping stone to achieve it, including infrastructure, human-computer interaction, decentralized layer, spatial computing, and so on. A core-level meta-universe structure. According to the current research and development progress, Facebook only stays at the entrance of the “meta universe”, which is the research and development of AR/VR virtual reality devices.

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Putting aside the gorgeous rhetoric, the so-called “meta universe” is actually a 3D social game and large-scale VR application. Zuckerberg’s plans for the “meta universe” sound very ambitious, but how feasible is it to land?

Even Zuckerberg himself has no idea about this problem. He publicly stated that according to the current technical support, it will take at least 5-10 years to realize the construction of the “meta universe”.

Downgrading the company’s core business and spending several years building a “metacosm”, Zuckerberg was ridiculed by Dorsey, the CEO of another social media giant, Twitter, who claimed that the concept of “metauniverse” was actually a “dystopia”; and Apple CEO Cook also sneered at “Meta Universe”, saying that “Meta Universe” is VR, and they will not invent new terms out of thin air.

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“Not doing business properly” abandoning the original company’s core business and choosing the wrong track, once the technology giant IBM was enough to teach Facebook a profound lesson. Ten years ago, IBM adjusted its core business to artificial intelligence and developed the Watson supercomputer to defeat the global champion of puzzle games, which is even more shocking than the current Alpha Dog.

Even let the “New York Times” call Watson synonymous with AI. IBM also plans to apply Watson in healthcare, finance, law, and academic fields.

But ten years later, Watson has changed from a pronoun of AI to a pronoun of failure. The hype surrounding artificial intelligence has become a footnote to arrogance.

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Despite many opponents, Zuckerberg firmly believes that AR/VR will surpass smartphones and personal computers to become the next-generation mainstream computing platform. Even as early as 2014, Facebook spent US$2 billion to acquire the VR technology company Oculus, and began its “meta universe” layout.

After a 6-year research and development cycle, Facebook finally released the Oculus Quest 2 headset, which was listed as the number one VR device by many digital evaluation websites, and Facebook has also become the leading company in the VR field. Although the results have been achieved, VR equipment is still a product that niche players will pay attention to. The purchase volume is mediocre and it lacks the support of mainstream APP.

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“Meta universe” may be worth looking forward to, and virtual reality technology is also worth fighting for by Internet giants, but its realization does not belong to our era.

It is not just Facebook that is interested in “creating the universe”. As early as 2015, the little-known Magic Leap attracted the attention of investors and consumers from all over the world with the whale jumping in the stadium. The AR device that Magic Leap wants to create is extremely similar to the “meta universe”, which is based on the black technology of AR/VR to create a virtual world for personal experience.

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At that time, no one could understand the principle of this company’s products. It only relied on a video and virtual reality pie, which successfully fooled the technology giants such as Google, Alibaba, Qualcomm and so on. In the voice of doubt, Magic Leap raised more than 13%. Billion US dollars, even higher than the market value of some listed technology companies. But this startup company with the most abundant funds in the world hasn’t made a successful work to this day.

An AR picture cake has earned $1.3 billion in financing for Magic Leap. No wonder Facebook has spared no effort to promote “Meta Universe”. This title is more suitable for making money than any VR/AR/XR.

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As soon as there are new tracks, new directions, and new probabilities, everyone can’t wait to become pigs that take off, but not all the winds are true. With a drop of blood, the “female version of Jobs” who flicked away 4 billion financing is still Vividly vivid. Zuckerberg has to produce real things to prove the truthfulness and feasibility of the “meta universe”.

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