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Types of Skilled Trade Jobs That Are in Demand 

 January 5, 2022

Types of Skilled Trade Jobs That Are in Demand
Types of Skilled Trade Jobs That Are in Demand

Labor shortages have been a massive news story all around the globe recently. But nowhere have employers struggled more than the skilled trades market. Since the pandemic, 68% of tradespeople say they struggle to hire trained workers.

Yet, many of these unfilled positions are high-paying jobs. So if you are looking for employment at a decent wage, keep reading. This guide will give you a leg up on some of the best available skilled trade jobs.

Types Of Skilled Trade Jobs

Almost every industry involves the use of skilled trades to get work done. In the transportation industry alone, skilled trade jobs include drivers and mechanics. Yet, the list of skilled trades in the construction industry is almost endless.

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Carpenters, plumbers, and electricians are only three types of skilled trades in construction. This industry relies on crane operators, welders, and brick masons, to name a few more.

But then, the medical and legal professions also need people to fill skilled trade jobs. Nursing and nutrition experts are part of the skilled trades family. So are legal assistants and paralegals.

Most of these professions are not limited to one type of worker anymore. Skilled trades for women are more lucrative than ever before. Before deciding, learn which types of skilled trades are best suited to you.

Choosing From Skilled Trade Jobs

Much of the work involved depends on your comfort level working in the environment. If you are the kind of person that likes to get their hands dirty, the construction industry has a lot to offer. Nurses and bus drivers are people who love to work with the public.

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For example, plumbers earn $25 per hour or more in commercial and residential fields. Electricians earn similar wages to plumbers. With experience, construction managers begin earning over $75,000 per year.

Every position requires an education in the discipline. And often, students will need to serve an apprenticeship before getting licensed. But, some employers pay apprentices to learn on the job.

High Demand Skilled Trades

Several industry sectors have seen vast growth, but a shortage of tradespeople. The recent pandemic has created a higher demand for medical skilled trade jobs. An aging population has left holes in various industries like construction.

There are many choices, but there are other factors to consider before choosing a career path. First, you need to think about the cost of your education. Some of the more specialized types of skilled trades need a longer commitment to trade school.

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Some types of skilled trade jobs will get you immediate employment at your skill. Yet, others will only offer entry-level positions until you gain experience, but for either, you will need the traits of a good employee to succeed.

Get Hired Faster

Industry professionals are looking for people to learn and grow with their businesses. Finding the work is easier with the right attitude. Remember, it all begins with an education in skilled trade jobs.

But it doesn’t matter what your background is. Skilled trade jobs are waiting to get filled. So if this guide puts your mind to work on getting into skilled trades, come back and read some more helpful tips.

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