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Top Most Resource Intensive PC Games 

 December 7, 2021

PC Games

These PC games demand a lot of resources. Whether you want to play an RTS game or a realistic game, these titles can wreak havoc on your system. This list includes some of the most demanding games for GPUs and CPUs. These titles will take up a lot of your processor’s memory and can cause serious overheating problems with your PC. However, the great thing about these games is that they are generally not the hardest to run. You just need to make sure you have enough RAM to support their high demands.

There are two types of games on this list. CPU-intensive games are more demanding, but they both require plenty of resources, so make sure you have adequate RAM and a powerful graphics card. While you may not have enough RAM or a powerful GPU to run Destiny 2, you can still enjoy a great shooter game. It’s free on Steam and isn’t a performance killer, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

  1. Odyssey
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The game Odyssey has a lot of content to offer, and it is considered the most CPU and GPU intensive game on this list. While it is not CPU or GPU-intensive, there are certain moments when it can hit your processor. World of Warcraft, for example, hits the processor during some moments, but it’s never a problem while playing the campaign mode. Other resource-intensive games include Wolfenstien Youngblood, which is an exclusive high-end title from Ubisoft.

  1. Metro Exodus 

If you’re looking for a new game to play, make sure to read our review of Metro Exodus. Its storyline is tighter and features an addictive blend of stealth and action gameplay. Its next-gen graphics are also very impressive. In addition to its excellent graphics, Tom Clancy’s Division 2 is also the most resource-intensive game on our list. This PC game is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality shooter.

  1. Crysis 1
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As far as CPU-intensive PC games go, Crysis 1 is the top choice for many players. With its open world and NPC AI, it can be considered one of the best graphics-intensive PC games. Despite its low CPU-usage, however, it does require a powerful GPU. A good GPU-intensive game is not one that will cause any frame drops. This PC game will require a large amount of RAM, and will slow down your PC, so if you’re running a game with a high CPU usage, you should make sure you have the hardware to handle it.

  1. Control

Another game on the list of most resource-intensive PC games is Control. The game’s implementation of Ray Tracing is arguably its crowning achievement. With the use of RTX, its environments and particle effects are truly breathtaking. If you have a strong GPU, you won’t have any trouble with this game. In addition to being the most resource-intensive, it’s also one of the most fun.

  1. Civilization VI

Another game on the list of the most resource-intensive PC games is Civilization VI. Its graphics are stunning and can be quite challenging on an old CPU. This is a game you’ll want to be able to play for hours. If you’re looking for a game with high-quality graphics, look no further than Red Dead Redemption 2. If you’re not into intense gameplay, you’ll love the vast open world.

If you’re looking for a hardcore game that requires a lot of GPU power, this isn’t the right one for you. The most resource-intensive PC games will require a minimum of two GPUs to play. Sometimes it is better to play games with smartphone by just downloading android game apps. In addition to GPUs, you’ll also need to install the game’s audio and video files. These games will also require a lot of RAM, so make sure you have the necessary memory for them.

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Some of the most CPU-intensive PC games are based on simulation. These are the most sophisticated games for a CPU. They require a lot of processing power. You will need a powerful graphics card to play these. The best gaming rigs will be able to handle the highest CPU load. This is the most resource-intensive pc game in terms of GPU. There are a few other games that are incredibly GPU-intensive.

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