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Switching Gears? Consider these 6 Actionable Tips for Making a Successful Career Change 

 May 24, 2021


Feel swallowed up by a career slump? If you count down the seconds to 5 pm for sport, it may be time to switch their careers or officially ring in a new chapter. With the job-hunting game evolving at rapid speed, pinpointing a practical first step can pose a challenge. Whether you are on the hunt for medical traveling jobs or hoping to retire from the service industry and latch onto the corporate ladder, there are some tips and tricks you will want to consider before taking your next leap. 

Identify your goals

If you don’t necessarily know where to begin, but you feel a career change calling, you can start by laying out your general short-term and long-term goals. These goals can be centered around your financial aspirations, visions of your dream career, or unique talents you would like to enhance or put to good use. For optimal success, try to recognize the reasons you want the change in the first place. Could it be that you prefer to set your own schedule or manage a smaller workload? Assess what the ideal next step can be and what environment can set you up for success. 

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Be open to new possibilities

Keep your eyes open for different opportunities you haven’t necessarily planned for. While it’s critical to know exactly what you want, keep an open mind to exploring other career ideas. Many opportunities can arise that you won’t expect, but it may just be the perfect step up. 

Begin networking

You likely have already developed a network of accomplished professionals, whether you’ve met them in past workplaces, schooling, and social events. It’s time to use those connections to your advantage. Set up a call with someone you look up to, come prepared with questions you may have, and inquire about position holders in your dream field that this mentor can potentially connect you with. Remember, an industry insider could be your ticket in.

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Not sure how to begin? Use websites like LinkedIn to connect with old colleagues and potential employers. 

Set up a job shadow

You can explore how specific jobs function by setting up job shadows. Reach out to peers or mentors to observe what a day in the life is like in their position. You can potentially attend digital job shadows or watch YouTube videos that will walk you through day-to-day job responsibilities and give you insight into whether or not this career field is for you. 

Fix up that resume

As a rule of thumb, tailor your resume to each unique job description/company brand. Make sure to research how different resumes should be laid out depending on the job and company. Ultimately, a STEM powerhouses’ resume should differ from an executive assistant applicant’s CV. Regardless of your desired field, ensure your skills and accomplishments are up-to-date and reflect what the interviewer may look for in a candidate.

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Apply fearlessly

If you fear being rejected post-application, this can not-do attitude can deprive you of dream opportunities. Don’t feel hesitant to apply for a position that intrigues you right out of the gate. In the end, only you have the final say of what is best for you. If you feel you are underqualified, there is still a chance you may just be the best candidate–so don’t hold yourself back. 

Before you go

Now that you’re feeling a bit more confident to take a leap of faith, it’s time to begin the process. Switching gears will never be easy, but it can be just what you need to pave the path of your future. Get started by laying out what options may be available to you, set goals, network, and take risks.

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