Mobile Tips for Digital Transformation in the Legal Industry 

 September 19, 2022



PDFs are not only for lawyers, but the legal profession relies heavily on the file format to perform its duties. The nature of the PDF – easily shareable, unalterable, and secure – makes it a natural choice for lawyers at all levels to create, share and file important legal motions, even Supreme Court PDFs with ease. The file format also makes filing, uploading, and scanning paper-only documents easier since users can scan a document with their phone and convert it to a PDF afterward, a digital transformation tool invaluable to legal professionals.


H2 – Scan Anywhere


Clunky office equipment is still in use but the everyday smartphone has similar functions only in a much more portable format. Every smartphone can take high-quality pictures and that function helps on-the-go attorneys make scans of important legal documents to send them right away if needed.

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H2 – Password Protection


Legal briefs and documents contain highly-sensitive and confidential information. For these reasons, legal professionals rely on the PDF document format to secure their files with a variety of security tools, the most common and popular of which is password protection. It takes little effort to password protect a PDF, which is why many lawyers choose to do so, whenever they need.


H2 – Cloud Storage


Many edit PDF services offer cloud synchronization that lets them connect to your work or personal cloud drive, whether it is Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. With cloud synchronization, you can automatically save all changes made to a PDF file in the drive. This type of real-time backup is important to prevent vital information from being lost or accidentally deleted.

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It also makes it easier to share your documents with others in your firm or office. Synching an edit PDF file software with a cloud drive gives anyone access to the files stored in that drive, so it saves time on requesting permission or having to print or send the file electronically.


H2 – Convert to Excel


Lawyers often have to contend with an endless amount of files, documents, and data all of which can be difficult to organize. Enter the PDF and edit PDF online services to create new spreadsheets from your saved and scanned PDF files. You can easily convert a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet to better organize, collate, collect and quantify important data sets and other information.

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H2 – Add Pages to a PDF


Legal documents are always changing and constantly being rewritten and redrafted to add important clauses, addendums, or other elements. The fact that PDF court documents need to be changed is nothing new to many legal professionals, since adding new pages to a PDF document is possible with the help of edit PDF online services.


Adding pages, or merging or combining documents, is a common feature of PDFs and you can select as many pages to add or combine as you want. You can open any PDF file in the browser of an edit PDF service in the thumbnail view to see where you want to place the page. You can then click on Merge, Combine or whatever name the function has in your tool to add the selected pages or documents.

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H2 – Annotate Important Information In Documents


Sometimes it’s necessary to add important information to a PDF court document before it is filed. This is true of any important document whether it is a legal brief, a research paper, or a project proposal. Inserting new information or adding relevant comments to a PDF is possible with the right PDF tool like merge PDFs.


Lumin PDF lets you add annotations, comments, and even new text blocks to any PDF. You can even sync Lumin PDF to your online cloud storage accounts to give universal access to anyone. If you are reviewing or editing a PDF from your cloud drive, Lumin lets you invite others to open the file and make changes to it in real time so others can see them.

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