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 October 13, 2021

Mobile Phone Cases

Steps to Creating Your Phone Case

So you want a phone case, but the ones they sell don’t exactly scream your name? No problem! With some time and materials at your disposal, you’ll have a fantastic new look in no time. Materials You Will Need

You need some strong material that can hold up to lots of use for the phone case itself. Pretty much any plastic or vinyl will do. If you’re not sure what kind of ‘case’ you want, try visiting a store that sells old-school vinyl records. A standard record sleeve is an excellent place to start.

For the decorating part, you’ll need some paper images. If you want to use an image of your own, try using a photocopier or color printer for the best results. However, if it’s something simple like text that you’re after, try printing it onto regular white computer paper first. Once the image is printed, use an X-acto knife and metal ruler to cut the two pieces apart.

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If you’re using images, lay them out on your case (on top of some scrap paper) and trace each piece with a pencil. You can also try sticking your chosen images onto cardboard or posterboard first before applying them to Personalised Football Team Phone Cases, which will make it easier to decorate.

You’ll also need some glue and a paintbrush (or other art tools). I like to use paint for my cases because it adheres well and is easy to clean up with water.

Steps to Creating Your Phone Case

Now that you’ve got your materials, it’s time to get started! The first stage is figuring out what type of design you want and tracing the appropriate pieces onto your case. You may need to make modifications (like creating a square into a circle), so don’t be afraid to use your imagination! After you’ve traced all of your pieces, cut them out carefully with an X-Acto knife.

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Now that you’re done cutting, it’s time to color! If you’re using two different images (like a background image and text), remember to put the idea that will be in front last so it doesn’t smudge the ink you’re about to put on the other image.

Apply color using your paintbrush, which will help spread the ink evenly. After letting it dry for some minutes, apply another layer of color if necessary and let it dry again before going on to the next step.

If you’re using a solid image, it’s time to add some effects to make it pop! Try painting a wash of color over the solid image and letting that dry before applying another layer if desired. You can also try adding dots or other fun embellishments. Another idea is to use an eraser (or toothpick) to smudge color. You can also cut pieces of masking or painter’s tape to create exciting designs!
Finally, it’s time for the finishing touch – text! If you’re using a simple font like Helvetica, just print your phrase onto regular computer paper and cut out each letter individually. A trick for making the text look like it was printed onto your case is to use a pencil and ruler to make light, vertical lines behind each letter.

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After you’ve finished all of the above steps, carefully put your phone face-down on top of your picture and sketch around it with a pencil. This will help you line up your image on the face of your phone. Now, apply a thin coating of glue to your case and carefully put it face-down onto the pencil marks you just made. Be sure not to move around too much while placing it down so that everything lines up properly. If there is a lot of adhesive glue around the edges, use a cotton swab to remove it.
Let the glue fully dry, and then put your case on! If you made a text-based design, make sure to mix up which letters face up or down so that nobody can guess your password!

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That’s it! It might seem like there are a lot of steps, but most of them are just drying time. Once you get into the swing of things, you’ll be creating custom cases in no time!

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