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How to buy non owner Car Insurance? 

 March 13, 2022

How to buy non owner Car Insurance?
How to buy non owner Car Insurance?

Non-owner Car Insurance or non-drivers insurance provides liability coverage for those who drive a car that they do not own, be it a rental or borrowed car. If you get involved in a car accident, then the insurance would cover any property damage or bodily injuries that would have happened. But it is important to know what the insurance covers and what it doesn’t, and in what condition you will need it.

When you borrow a car from a friend or need to drive a car on a temporary basis, it would be smart to have to buy non owner car insurance and in some places, it is compulsory to have one. In case you meet with an accident with the car, the temporary 30-day car insurance would cover the extra expenses which the primary car insurance policy couldn’t.

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In case you frequently rent cars, then having non-owner car insurance would be a less expensive option as compared to the liability coverage provided by the rental companies. The greatest limitation is that it does not pay for any damage caused to you or the car you were driving, it just covers the damage caused by you to another person or vehicle.

You also cannot opt for non-owner car insurance if you borrow the car of someone residing with you or very close to you like your family members. In that case, you need to mention it as a secondary driver in their primary car insurance policy. Now, the next thing would be to discuss how to buy non-owner car insurance.

How to buy non-car Insurance?

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Like any other insurance policy, to buy non-owners car insurance, you need to contact an Insurance Advisor or directly contact an Insurance company to ask for non-owner car insurance quotes.

If you have a problem understanding the documents or terms, you can then contact your own insurance agent or ask for financial advice from the company as well. There are very few companies that provide these quotations online and if you require it then you can easily search for the companies and visit their website.

The premium is usually less than the premium of the primary car insurance policy but it would vary greatly depending on your driving history and other risk factors. In some cases where you have incurred major violations such as DUI or DWI, insurance coverage is required for the SR22 form to reinstate your driving license.

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The temporary 30 day car insurance is cheap and affordable, so it would be a good option to show your financial responsibility to the state. But in some states, non-owner car insurance is not allowed, so in that case, if you want to drive a car you can either go for any liability coverage that could be provided by the insurance company.

Ask for quotations from non-owner car insurance quotes from different insurance companies, compare them, and go through the terms and conditions thoroughly before choosing that company to avoid any mistakes. To purchase the insurance, you would need to submit your driver’s license, personal details, and a method such as a credit card.

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Non-owner car insurance is a per-person policy, meaning that only you would be covered by the insurance, not your spouse or parents. Non-owner car insurance policies are 5% to 15% cheaper than other insurance policies providing similar coverage and a lot cheaper than traditional car insurance policies, however, DUIs can negatively affect the premium rates. While getting the policy, you would need to mention if you need an SR22 form. The Atoz Insurance company is a reputed company that provides all insurance policies at a reasonable premium rate. Their claim settlement ratio is also very high and they also provide any other insurance-related service that you might require in the future. After getting non-owner car Insurance from Alias Insurance, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will receive proper coverage.

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