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How Many Times Can You Wear A Henry Mask? 

 April 11, 2022


Designed by celebrity designer Richfresh, Henry masks are 100% non-woven fabric called polypropylene with round elastic ear loops. The henry mask Canada can help you with the instructions for usage and maintenance. These masks are popular with the NBA players and other celebrities like actors.

Instructions for usage: Here, you will understand how you can put on the mask on your face correctly.

  1. It would help if you cleaned your hands properly with sanitizers or soap and water before touching the mask.
  2. When you remove the mask from the package, make sure there are no holes or tears in the mask.
  3. By seeing the logo of Henry, you can quickly determine which one is the front side and which is the rear side of the mask.
  4. Then you can hold the mask near the ear and wear it through the ear loop one at a time.
  5. Finally, set the mask on your face as it covers both your nose and mouth.
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Removal of The Mask: When you are removing the mask, you should

  • Clean the hands with sanitizers or soap and water before touching it
  • Touch the ear loops while opening the mask. As the front side of the mask may be contaminated, you need not touch the front.
  • Both the ear loops are to be held simultaneously while removing the mask
  • The masks can be hand-washed, dried, and reused

How many times to be used? 

The henry mask Canada, if maintained properly, can be used a lot of times.

Though the masks are washable and reusable, replacing them every week can be a wise decision if it is regularly used. This product is generally made for use for non-medical and general purposes.

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Here are some of the advantages of using these Henry Masks.

Reusable and Washable: 

As the  masks can be hand-washed and reusable, if you use them regularly, you should consider replacing them every week.

Designed to Fit: 

The henry mask is designed in such a way that it will fit every adult. They do not come with the nose strip but fit in every mouth properly.


The material which is used in making these masks is breathable. Henry masks are made up of 100% polypropylene which is non-woven and which makes breathing very easy for the users. 

High Filtration: The main role of the mask is to filter and Henry masks are designed in such a way that they are good at filtering.

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Henry mask Canada can guide you with the proper usage and maintenance of the face masks. If they are properly worn and removed with all the cleaning guidelines, a single mask can be used for one week. 

Use Your Mask Wisely!

Though it is reusable and washable, it is always recommended to be replaced every week. The comfortable material which the mask is made up of makes it more comfortable and breathable for the users. The high filtration power of the mask helps prevent contamination. But as it is a non-medical product, health professionals are not recommended for using it.


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