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Craigslist – What Can It Do For You? 

 November 8, 2021


Craigslist, when used rightly can drive massive business to a website. One announcement alone can net you 10-20 people per day. The trick is to use multiple advertisements and drive 100-200 people to your website per day with a many twinkles worth of work. 

 The easiest and fastest way I’ve plant to posting advertisements is to save a string of textbook in an excel spread distance to help keep track of all the different advertisements you can use. 

There are many effects you should know and be apprehensive of because craigslist of san diego is touchy when it comes to posting multiple times. Only post once every 5 twinkles or so. 15 twinkles after your first post you’ll need to go back and check the first add to make sure that’s active. You cant simply go into your account, you’ll have to go to the factual position that it’s supposed to be and make sure it’s there. If it isn’t also the post has been”Ghosted”. A post can come wormed a many ways, posting to numerous times per nanosecond ( therefore stay 5 min between posts), or content that seems to be duplicated ( therefore you must use different titles). Try to avoid using the same textbook in the body, the string of textbook I transferred you’ll be fine to use each and every post because it’s html coding. 

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 Now for the title you want commodity that’s going to stand out. You want to avoid commodity that will make the anthology get the wrong opinion before he indeed opens the announcement. To do this I’ve plant that using a question ( generally a joke) similar as”Where do you get virgin hair from?”will get good results. 

It gets good results because it peaks the interest of the anthology, it’ll also stand out because it’ll be different from ever other title. Also of course within the body I’ll class in the answer”an unattractive lamb” followed by”hehe” also right below it I’ll bury the string of textbook to show the announcement. It also helps break the ice a little by getting them to laugh. 

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 Just make sure you use only one joke per post, craigslist of san diego will know if you use the joke further than formerly and it’ll not let you post it doubly. 

Which brings us to the coming are of discussion. You’ll want to prepare atleast 2 days perhaps 3 days worth of titles and body txt. In the same excel document on a new tab break out the content into 3 days and search for original content. 

 Since you’ll be posting in the small business announcement section, which is the only position I recommend you post because they’re less likely to get flagged and removed. You’ll want to cancel the previous days each day and repost in the same locales, or do a 3 day gyration between 2 different groups of metropolises. For illustration on day one you would post your day one content at say seattle and san diego, also day two you would post your day two content to swab lake megacity and toronto, also on day three you would abolish the content in seattle and san diego before reposting your day three content in seattle and san diego. Of course you’ll post to like 10-20 metropolises per day rather of only 2 but you get the picture. 

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I suppose that’s all I’ve for now, this strategy has netted me amazing results using craigslist of san diego then’s a list of other free advertising mediums to use. 

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