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Best YouTube Video Maker Review- Wondershare DemoCreator 

 April 7, 2022

Best YouTube Video Maker Review- Wondershare DemoCreator

Nobody could have predicted the kind of success YouTube would achieve as its popularity expanded over time. It is not only the most commonly used content platform online, but it is also a primary center for independent content providers that cater to a broad range of user tastes in terms of entertainment and information. When it comes to video streaming, though, YouTube is still the most popular and oldest provider. Video editors developed throughout time to suit a wide range of users, particularly those who lacked advanced editing abilities. Needless to say, the YouTube ecosystem we have today would not have been feasible without the abundance of video editing tools available to today’s ambitious artists. We’ll go deep into the myriad of services each of these tools provides, as well as the price at which you can use them, and then you’ll have to decide whether to stick with the tool that has won you over or pursue a better choice.

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Part 1. How to Choose a Great Screen Recorder And Video Editor

First and foremost, be certain that the video editing program has a strong reputation and a large user base. The product should have a clean, clutter-free interface that is easy to use. Every function it provides should be visible and accessible to the user. Check to see whether the tool has a large library of royalty-free pictures, transitions, and special effects to help you with your editing. Finally, the pricing of the YouTube video editor must be within your budget. You’re probably curious about the most popular editing software used by YouTubers. Before we get started, there are a few things to think about while selecting a YouTube video editor.

  • What is kind of projects you’re working on?
  • Do you need a simple tool for simple or sophisticated edits?
  • What platforms do you work with?
  • How much are you prepared to spend on a YouTube video editor to get the most out of it?
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Part 2. Best YouTube Video Editor – DemoCreator

You’ve probably previously heard about Wondershare DemoCreator. This is because of its widespread use in the video editing community. Transitions, visual effects, and audio functions are all included in the program. As a result, it’s one of the greatest YouTube editing programs on the market. Video editing may help your YouTube videos stand out from the crowd and get attention on the Discover page of YouTube. Start editing for free right now by uploading a video from your device or using a link to a video you found online. Beginners, gamers, influencers, fitness celebrities, and anybody else just starting started on YouTube would benefit from this.

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Everyone should be able to create and edit an excellent YouTube video for free. DemoCreator may assist you with creating your first YouTube videos, improving content, and increasing your YouTube subscriber count with high-quality videos. In only a few clicks, you can create an SRT file, make jump cuts, filter, include an intro, design a thumbnail, and merge movies. DemoCreator combines utility with an attractive aesthetic. It has complex capabilities like motion tracking, but it’s also capable of doing basic operations like chopping and combining films.

1. How to Record YouTube Video with DemoCreator

Step 1: Download and Run DemoCreator

To record YouTube video, go to DemoCreato official website and download the magnificent installation for your Windows or Mac computer. The following versions of this software are available. After that, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install it with the default settings.

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As soon as the installation is complete, you may launch it from your PC and, on the other hand, record PC movies.


Step 2: Personalize Your PC’s Display

The following is the UI that shows when Wondershare DemoCreator is launched. To begin recording your video screen.

When you’re at the PC screen portion, you may choose the display interface you want to use in your final video. Following that, you may quickly alter the parameters of your recording in the corner settings box, as shown in the UI. Simply choose the tab and make the necessary modifications to your PC’s video. You may also choose to record both audio and video using the audio input option.

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Step 3: Begin Recording

After you’ve completed the setup, you’ll need to switch to the recording interface to begin recording. When you reach a point when you want to capture your game recording, just hit the Start Recording button inside the recorder window, as seen below. After a 3-second timer has been set, your screen capture will begin.


Step 4: Upload to YouTube and Save/Share

Simply hit the Export button at the top of the video editing window to export the recordings right away after you’ve completed recording the PC screen, for example. Additionally, if you want to rapidly upload your film to a social media site like YouTube, choose YouTube from the menu bar and connect to your channel. You may also save it in your preferred format.

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2. How to Edit Your Video

Step 1: Import the Recordings

You may also utilize this opening screen to go to the Video Editor’s choices or to start another recording. If you wish to make an instructional exercise video, begin by creating a new recording and following the steps outlined below.

14-1024x635-114 1024x635 1 - Best YouTube Video Maker Review- Wondershare DemoCreator

Step 2: Edit the Videos

It’s time to edit your track in a vibrant style once you’ve done recording. Drag your recorded file to the timeline below, then sit back and enjoy the show. Within the DemoCreator box, you can simply review the movie and remove the unwanted part.

People retain an order of magnitude more information via video than text. In the DemoCreator video editing interface, you can do some basic recording to your video as cutting, cropping and trimming you video, and add some video effects as follows:

  • Add annotation to make your content easier to understand
  • Add stickers to make your video more attractive
  • Transition effect help you craft a mind-blowing video
  • Auto-caption can be added which use speech recognition technology automatically generate a video subtitle in minutes
  • You can quickly discover 10000’s of Video Templates for business, education, life, game, social media and more. Enhance your videos easily
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1515 - Best YouTube Video Maker Review- Wondershare DemoCreator

You may also utilize the opposite vertical menu bar in the Export window to choose the encoder and file format, and then hit the Export button on the fly after you’re done.

3. How to Make Animation Explainer Video with DemoCreator Add-on- Anireel

Anireel is suitable for almost everyone, but it is particularly well suited to groups. With the collaboration capabilities, you may build animated explainers together. To build the ultimate animated explanation video, send each other feedback and modifications. Anireel is a visual content production workshop and drag-and-drop animation program. You can make animated explainers using Anireel’s customizable animated characters. There are lots of backdrops, objects, and animation effects in Pulse to create visual depth. When it comes to content development, Anireel is quite adaptable. You may design papers, social media graphics, infographics, data visualizations, interactive material, and much more in addition to videos.

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How to Make An Animated Video

Step 1: Load Anireel to your Windows

The first step in starting this easy adventure is to run Anireel on your systems. You can go to the official website and download it for free.

16-1024x616-116 1024x616 1 - Best YouTube Video Maker Review- Wondershare DemoCreator
Step 2: Load your Content to the Software

To do so, use the New Project icon at the top of the screen and then load your stuff to create some impressive animations using this program.

1717 - Best YouTube Video Maker Review- Wondershare DemoCreator
Step 3: Add the Animated Scenes

Anireel allows you to add your favorite scenes from the templates area, as seen above, and just drag and drop them on your footage to create a fully personalized animation on the fly.

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18-1024x606-118 1024x606 1 - Best YouTube Video Maker Review- Wondershare DemoCreator
Step 4: Export the Content

When you click the Export option at the top of the program, it will allow you to export your animated material to the place you want.

- Best YouTube Video Maker Review- Wondershare DemoCreator

Part 3. Conclusion

Wondershare DemoCreator in addition to Anireel is a video marketing platform that specializes now in recording to editing as well as on animation graphics. With Anireel, you can create any form of video, including explanation videos, enterprise introduction, product promotion, education and teaching videos. The Anireel editor works with sequences that may be edited individually. This technique reduces the overwhelming nature of professional video editing software timeline editor.

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