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5 Video Content Creators to Get Inspired By 

 February 3, 2022

5 Video Content Creators to Get Inspired By
5 Video Content Creators to Get Inspired By

Did you know that there are almost 250 million digital video viewers in the United States of America alone? Video content creators are some of the most effective people at finding ways to reach millions of consumers with this type of video content. If you’re looking to grow your brand or spread awareness about your business then you need to make sure that your video content creation is on point.

There are a number of famous YouTubers and Instagram influencers that you need to follow and check out if you want to bolster your online video content. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to make your job easier by finding the best ones to follow.

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Keep reading this article to learn about five great video content creators that you need to follow ASAP.

1. Karen X

Karen X is all about creative ways to create videos for video content marketing. If you want to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to become an expert at video content creation then give Karen X a follow. She is the master of creating viral videos for a large number of massive companies and offers great video production tips.

2. Julian Bass

Julian Bass is another great option to follow if you’re looking for video content marketing tips and advice. Julian is an up-and-coming expert in the field of video content creation with his best attribute for video content marketing being his use of special effects in the videos that he makes.

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3. Hermon & Heroda

Hermon & Heroda are big in the fashion side of video content creation, so if your business operates in fashion and clothes design then you’ll want to give them a follow. They’re better than the most famous YouTubers when it comes to online video content for fashion and clothing.

They’ve worked with a variety of powerful brands like Invisalign and they’ve been featured in the famous magazine Vogue.

4. Olivier Wong

Olivier Wong is another must-follow if you’re looking for video content creators that will inspire you. Olivier is all about creating online video content for travel and adventure. He calls Paris home and is an expert on taking lifestyle photographs in city scenes.

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Use Olivier as inspiration on the ways that you can use light in order to take breathtaking photographs of your travels and adventures.

5. Kevin Parry

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to animation then look no further than Kevin Parry. Kevin is famous for making and using different visual effects that take this type of video content to a whole new level. He is someone that you need to start following as soon as possible.

Follow These Great Video Content Creators Today

Finding inspiration can get difficult sometimes but there are certain things that you can do to boost that, like following the best video content creators. These famous YouTubers and Instagram influencers will give you great tips on how to boost your photography, videography, and use of special effects.

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